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“Using MyGet Private Feeds, we can control the access to the packages and authentication for users is straightforward.”

“Octopus Deploy is built up of many smaller components. We use MyGet to stage our component packages and draw them all together during the build process for internal and public facing releases alike. Our team is distributed around the world. Using MyGet means everyone can work on Octopus Deploy regardless of where they are at any given time. Oh, and we don't need to manage our own infrastructure - what a perfect fit!”

“Since our community is global and spans corporate boundaries we needed a solution that was not subject to any single IT jurisdiction. MyGet delivered a scalable cloud based approach.”

“With MyGet, we can stage our releases for final quality control before promoting them to our end user facing channels on and MyGet fits perfectly into our workflow!”

“MyGet offers the perfect cloud-based solution for building and distributing our client software development kits and frameworks.”

“MyGet is more than a package repository; it opens up solutions such as automated deployments, build integrations, etc. without you doing much work to implement.”

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