aitemplates - generator-bot-virtualassistant 1.1.0

Virtual Assistant Generator

Project template for Virtual Assistants and Skill using the Bot Builder SDK V4.


  • Download and install Node Package manager.

    Node version 10.14.1 or higher is required for the Bot Framework CLI

  • Install Yeoman using npm:

npm install -g yo


To install the generator using npm:

npm install -g generator-bot-virtualassistant@latest

How to Use Daily Builds

To get access to the daily builds of this library, configure npm to use the MyGet feed before installing.

npm config set registry

To reset the registry in order to get the latest published version, run:

npm config set registry

Build and test locally

Install the dependencies and dev dependencies of the project you want to test, i.e. bot-virtualassistant.

cd ./templates/typescript/generator-bot-virtualassistant
npm install

Link the package of the project locally with the following command so you can easily use it globally.

npm link

You can test your local changes to the generator immediately if using this command.

Now you can execute the generator with this command.

yo bot-virtualassistant
Generator Description
bot-virtualassistant Generator that creates a basic Virtual Assistant
bot-virtualassistant:skill Generator that creates a basic skill


MIT © Microsoft





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